The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

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This certainly seemed to prove an easier and more painless way to attain our accreditation.

Kings Security (Full Application)

The new process was clear, very quick and easy to use.I would not hesitate to use this service when our accreditation comes up for renewal next year.

Cityspec Specialist Pest Management Solutions Ltd (Deem To Satisfy)

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A high percentage of new business is generated through successful tenders. Over the years the number of lead contractors that make CHAS registration a prerequisite in the tendering stage has risen substantially. One of our biggest customers accepts CHAS as an alternative to having to go through their own health and safety questionnaires. This allows us to streamline our tendering process to maximise the number of projects we can work on.

Greens Decorating Contractors Ltd.

With my company being small, the assessment works well for me, but also keeps me up to date with all my H&S. Without using CHAS some of these things could get forgotten about, so would cost my company in contracts in the future.

T Brown Joiners.

Joining CHAS really made us consider out H&S procedures in more detail and having to document them all instantly makes them easier to maintain and renew.

Ecological Land Management Ltd.

CHAS is a great service which has helped my company become better and which has resulted in us winning more contracts of work. I have also recommended CHAS to other companies I work alongside who have now also become CHAS accredited.

MA Brickworks Ltd.

The accreditation process itself is a great way of monitoring the H&S within your own company, so by itself forces training in areas you may not be familiar with, so money well spent.

Probe Lockers.

I would just like to thank you for your help and expertise throughout this whole process. My experience with CHAS was great from start to finish.

Autism Hampshire.

We first achieved our CHAS accreditation in 1998 and have found it very useful as a means of demonstrating that we comply with current health & safety law in the construction industry. CHAS is recognised across the whole of our industry so it reduces the amount of time and resources needed to pre-qualify for projects.

Concrete Repairs.

Useful Websites

Busy builder leaflets
Advice for smaller builders

Health and safety made simple
If you think health and safety has to be complicated - it doesn’t. This site will make it easier for you to comply with the law and manage health and safety in your business.
For many businesses, all that’s required is a basic series of tasks. The site will take you through the steps and help you make sure you have done what you need to - and no more.

Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees. They are also responsible for any visitors to their premises such as customers, suppliers and the general public. Visit this site for good advice regarding these areas.

Here you'll find regulations for start-up companies and small businesses. Safestartup is presented by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), sponsored by Norwich Union and supported by HSE and Small Business Service.

Health and Safety Executives - free leaflets
Click on the topic of interest to find a list of all the titles about your required subject.

Slough Council
These pages show you how to keep health and safety under control at your workplace. They outline the main regulations you'll need to comply with. Following them will help you keep your staff at work and reduce the costs of injuries, illness, and damage to property or equipment. By complying with the law and avoiding fines you will avoid damaging publicity and convince inspectors that your company takes the management of health and safety in its workplace seriously.

Tourism North East

Health and safety doesn't have to be expensive, time consuming or complicated. To find a free basic guide for small businesses, including two ready-made self-assessment forms for a risk assessment and a health and safety policy, look at 'An introduction to health and safety'.

Fire safety law and guidance documents for business

New fire safety rules affecting all non-domestic premises in England and Wales came into force on 1 October 2006. If you are:
  • responsible for business premises
  • an employer or self-employed with business premises
  • a charity or voluntary organisation
  • a contractor with a degree of control over any premises
...then you need to act now to ensure you have a suitable and sufficient risk assessment in place. The site provides various guides for assistance and an online self-assessment form on the Fire Gateway website linked from this page

The NetRegs website is free to use and is regularly updated. Its aim is to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK to understand the complex environmental regulations that can affect them. The site provides guidance on how to comply with environmental law as well as advice on good environmental practice.

Workboost Wales
Workboost Wales is a government funded service providing confidential, practical and free advice to small businesses in Wales on workplace health and safety, management of sickness absence and return to work issues.

Healthy Working Lives
Healthy Working Lives is part of the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives and provides a free confidential occupational health and safety adviceline on 0800 019 22 11. Advisers throughout Scotland carry out free workplace visits for small and medium sized enterprises covering all aspects of occupational health and safety. Visit

Business Continuity Guidance
In these uncertain times it makes sense to prepare for the unexpected - whether a power cut, theft, fire or terrorist attack. Designed for small and medium sized businesses but with practical advice for all. The material ranges from a quick assessment form through 'how to' templates and checklists, up to information for business continuity specialists.

Leeds City Council - Risk Assessment Training
Leeds City Council Health and Safety Inspection Group have developed this excellent training package as part of their commitment to working with businesses to achieve safe and healthy working environments for those at work. The package combines simple and practical advice with interactive learning exercises, to take you through a comprehensive step by step guide to health and safety risk assessment. The tutorial covers the basic principles behind risk assessment, explains the requirements of the Law - along with how to achieve compliance, and gives a simple demonstration case study to show how the different elements of risk assessment can be brought together to achieve real health and safety improvements. The final stage in the training package is a mock risk assessment exercise for you to practice the techniques you have learned.

Completing the tutorial will give you the information, knowledge and skills necessary to implement a successful risk assessment programme in your own place of work.

Business Link
They provide a short guide to the major statutory requirements concerning health and safety in the workplace, including an overview of the legislation and how it affects businesses. The guide also contains hints and tips and details of where you can get further information

Safety Groups UK
There are more than 80 occupational health and safety groups affiliated to RoSPA and they are located throughout the country. The groups provide a local forum for meetings, networking and co-operation between employers of all kinds, health and safety inspectors and trade unions.
In addition, there are 6 Safety Information Centres (SICs) which have been set up by members of the groups with the aim of giving free help and information to small firms in the area.
They can provide valauble suport and advice

The Institution of Occupational Health & Safety Discussion Forum
Discussion in this forum is about occupational health and safety in its broadest sense. As well as health and safety in the workplace, there is scope for issues that include aspects of risk management, environmental protection, health care, hygiene, personnel, education, quality management, and business.

The Health & Safety Executive Web site
As the principal enforcement agency for heath and safety in the UK this site is a must for anyone with an interest in health and safety. A wide range of information is available on this site including news and publicity releases, consultation documents, free leaflets about health and safety and recent health and safety publications. Part of the site is specifically set aside for small businesses.

HSE Books
This site is the name of the mail order and warehousing services for the distribution of HSC/E publications and multimedia products. HSE Books distributes both priced and free publications and also operates a number of subscription services, mainly priced, on the subject of health and safety at the workplace.

HSE Prosecution Database
This site gives details of all prosecutions cases taken by HSE which have resulted in a conviction. It also provides what enforcement notices have been served.
Or perhaps you want to see what enforcement notices may have been served, this site gives details of all enforcement notices issued since 1 April 2001. It does not include Notices that are under appeal or have been withdrawn.

Constructing Excellence
Constructing Excellence exist to improve industry performance in order to produce a better built environment. They are a cross-sector, cross-supply chain, member led organisation operating for the good of industry and its stakeholders.

Repetitive Strain Injury Association
Here you will find probably the most comprehensive range of information available regarding all aspects of RSI - causes, treatments, research findings, legal issues and much more. RSIA aim to make this site the first stop for information about issues related to RSI

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work Discussion Forum
This forum aims to provide a channel for OSH professionals and practitioners across the European Union to exchange information on topics related to good practice and the practical implementation of OSH at enterprise level.

UNISON Health and Safety
An information service for Unison members. It too provides a range of free and priced information

A site for Britain's specialist construction workers employed in all the building occupations, both in the private and public sectors. Useful guidance and information for members

Electronic COSHH Essentials
This is a free Internet package that anyone can use. Employers, safety representatives or employees can log on and work out what needs to be done to control chemicals in their workplace.

Working Well Together
This site contains information to assist the smaller construction contractor. It is structured to contain the content from the recently published Absolutely essential health and safety toolkit together with the text from HSE's most popular construction guidance, Health and safety in construction (HSG150) which answers the questions and covers all the issues that a small builder needs to know in order to operate on site safely and without risk.

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