The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

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This certainly seemed to prove an easier and more painless way to attain our accreditation.

Kings Security (Full Application)

The new process was clear, very quick and easy to use.I would not hesitate to use this service when our accreditation comes up for renewal next year.

Cityspec Specialist Pest Management Solutions Ltd (Deem To Satisfy)

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A high percentage of new business is generated through successful tenders. Over the years the number of lead contractors that make CHAS registration a prerequisite in the tendering stage has risen substantially. One of our biggest customers accepts CHAS as an alternative to having to go through their own health and safety questionnaires. This allows us to streamline our tendering process to maximise the number of projects we can work on.

Greens Decorating Contractors Ltd.

With my company being small, the assessment works well for me, but also keeps me up to date with all my H&S. Without using CHAS some of these things could get forgotten about, so would cost my company in contracts in the future.

T Brown Joiners.

Joining CHAS really made us consider out H&S procedures in more detail and having to document them all instantly makes them easier to maintain and renew.

Ecological Land Management Ltd.

CHAS is a great service which has helped my company become better and which has resulted in us winning more contracts of work. I have also recommended CHAS to other companies I work alongside who have now also become CHAS accredited.

MA Brickworks Ltd.

The accreditation process itself is a great way of monitoring the H&S within your own company, so by itself forces training in areas you may not be familiar with, so money well spent.

Probe Lockers.

I would just like to thank you for your help and expertise throughout this whole process. My experience with CHAS was great from start to finish.

Autism Hampshire.

We first achieved our CHAS accreditation in 1998 and have found it very useful as a means of demonstrating that we comply with current health & safety law in the construction industry. CHAS is recognised across the whole of our industry so it reduces the amount of time and resources needed to pre-qualify for projects.

Concrete Repairs.

CHAS Testimonials


An extremely helpful and personable assessor made our application far more straightforward than I first thought it would be. The important improvements and changes to our systems that were implemented throughout the application process have given us confidence in our H&S structure and most certainly CHAS is now an important asset recognised by our customers. CHAS membership gives you a powerful tool when competing for new business and especially with new customers and also saves time on completing H&S forms

Sharon Jepp, St George Facilities Ltd , 2012

The whole process was relatively straightforward and the assessor was very helpful. Already it has saved our company time in the completion of H&S questionnaires from clients.

Andrea Graham, CVD Fire Protection Ltd, 2012

I found the whole process very straightforward, easy to understand and quick.

Clair Piercey, Clearground Ltd, 2012

Always found the service excellent and useful. Certainly well worth the effort to attain CHAS for your company.

A G Wilson, Director, Else Ltd, 2012

Excellent company to deal with very helpful and staff always polite and efficent. I was very pleased at the way you dealt with my application so quickly and with no problems. Many thanks

Philip John Kurn, P J Kurn Builders, 2012

The whole process prior to starting the application seemed very daunting and we imagined being overrun with paperwork. However, our assessor was very helpful and constructive with his guidance. He made the entire process straight forward & showed a level of patience that can only be termed as an asset. If anyone is in two minds as to whether to apply or not, the process is straight forward and manageable. If you have any problems your assessor is there to help. I highly commend the entire team for their level of competence and support.
David Brough, Sunshade Services Ltd, 2012

A surprisingly and refreshingly smooth audit process throughout after all the quite scarey tactics we had heard from agencies etc to gain compliance through their organizations. Very impressed with all aspects of CHAS. Many thanks to you and the assessor that dealt with our application to a very professional level.
James O'Shea, Director, Predator Environmental Limited , 2011

If the 'trade' had the awareness to understand how user friendly the system of becoming accredited is many more would apply. On applying for registration we considered it may be another scheme, whilst needing to pre qualify would not be of use and another cost burden. However we have been proved wrong and our systems have been improved which benefits all and we are proud to display the Chas logo.
M J Quickfall Builders Ltd , 2011

Joining CHAS was far less daunting than we anticipated. External consultants had caused undue worry about how difficult it would be to join. We then spoke to members of your staff who were very reasuring and guided us through the process with ease.
Neil Phillips , Director, Frank Phillips Builders, 2011

My assessor was a dedicated professional who conveyed high standards and ensured that we as a company met those very same standards.

When we initially sought CHAS Accreditation in 2010, I must admit that as a safety professional I was a little bit sceptical of the scheme. However on regaining the Accreditation recently, I can now see its benefits and the improvements we have made as a company regarding safety over the last year. Many thanks to all involved in delivering the CHAS Scheme.
Patrick Hacche , Health & Safety Manager, FMS, 2011

Your assessor was very polite and helpful in a couple of areas I was unsure about. Once I had completed the Acreditation form my certificate was with in me just in a few days.
Keitha Geddes, Office Manager, Summers Fabrications Ltd, 2011

Initially the questionaire can look quite daunting, however after speaking to my appointed assessor, who explained what was required, it was actually fairly straight forward. The speed of response to e mails was superb.
Roger Morton, Partner, Sui-Generis Solutions, 2011

The assessor was very knowledgeable, helpful and professional in his approach
Sooren Chinnappa, Design Manager , Ground Construction Ltd, 2011

Everyone was very helpful and knowlegable. All queries were answered promptly and if you needed to be referred on you were not given the "run around".
Mr J Hemming, Director, JHC Installations Ltd, 2011

Very pleased with the overall service of the CHAS team
Mike Castle, Castle Biomass Services, 2011

We had a very supportive assessor. He was very thorough and helpful in helping us achieve our CHAS compliance.
Kim Mathison, Cru-KNP Ltd, 2011

I was given a months notice to gain CHAS accreditation by my MD. I thought this was very short notice but we achieved it thanks to the assessor. We actually used the process as an audit tool to check our Health and Safety Policy.
David Bradshaw , Compliance Manager, ADP, 2011

The Assessor was very helpful in all aspects of the assesment process and went beyond what I would call normal service. A very worthwhile process which will greatly benefit my business.
Jason Priestley, Director , Principal Contracting Ltd, 2011

I have always found all the different assessors to be very helpful and not at all intimidating! We have attained many more sales orders because of the accreditation, and as a result our customers are pleased and approve of our services.
Marie Lightfoot, Auto Mate Systems Ltd, 2011

A very professional and efficient operation.
Haydn Parker , Universal Services, 2011

This is the first time I've applied for CHAS assessment and accreditation and I have found the process straight-forward to follow. Where applicable I was always communicated with in a timely and courteous manner.
Barry Downey , Director, Desertoak Ltd, 2011

We as a Company Found Chas to be excellent in all ways
L.S. Toor, Director, Midland Direct Civil Engineering Contractors Ltd , 2011

Overall - delighted with CHAS - good communication and feedback via email.
Jason Jones, Company Manager, Falconer Electricals Ltd, 2011

I was very pleased with the assistance I recieved from all concerned.
Jim Ferris, Managing Director, Bond Security Services, 2011

Brilliant service, fast response.
Jan Lowther, Coronation Roofing & Building, 2011

This year the response time by the Assessors was massively improved and to be commended. CHAS has come on a long way in the last 7 years since we first become associated with it.
Gill Williams , P & W Maintenance Contracting Ltd, 2011

I have completed the CHAS compliance twice and on both occasions communication has been timely and extremely supportive. Assessors on both occasions have responded and helped to resolve queries in a professional and prompt manner.
Ray Barratt, ESPA Ltd, 2011

As a small business the value for money that CHAS accreditation gives our business is exceptional. The CHAS process is also valuable as a framework for our management of health and safety. I am happy to recommend CHAS to other contractors.
Jennifer, EAM Building Group, 2011

I was very wary of applying for CHAS Registration due to the amount of paperwork required. Our assessor was extremely helpful and patient and made the process run very smoothly and efficiently. Would recommend their services very highly.
Lindsey, Brittania Shutters, 2011

CHAS is the best and most thorough safety accreditation system that Randall Contracting & Plant Group have found throughout our 40 years experience in the UK. In particular we greatly appreciate that CHAS deals directly with the company rather than 3rd parties i.e. consultants.
Marcus Lesser, Randall Plant Ltd, 2011

Rather than 'computer says no!' a common sense approach was taken when our company was assessed for CHAS.
Mark Turner, Aspire Building Solutions, 2011

CHAS has helped us hugely. The positive feedback from the assessors and our approach to health and safety are ensuring that people are taking us seriously. All three of our assessors have been lovely, especially the last one. CHAS is hugely beneficial
Diane Crabtree, Building Associates Ltd

Your comments have helped Select Electrical (GB) Ltd improve their H&S systems and ultimately achieve CHAS accreditation. Thank you for your speedy responses and helpful comments.
Keith Slack , Select Electrical (GB) Ltd , 2011

The Communication from my assessor was very good. He was on the ball with every thing. he responded straight away by Email.
Glenn Slater Glenn Slater Contractors Ltd, 2011

A pleasure to deal with. Much easier than other third party schemes to deal with.
Alex Dimic, Engineering Manager, Vision Fire & Security, 2011

Really smooth and efficient service. The assessor provided must have sent our approval out SAME DAY as receiving our supporting documents !! That’s great service.
Mark Viney, Director VH Maintenance Ltd, 2011

The communication and assessment period was very good in relation to other Health & Safety accreditations achieved. Very professional without undue delays and consistent. Very competitive compared with other accredited organisations
Mick Austin, Profile Security Services , 2011


With CHAS we can save around 3 hours administration and assessment time on every contractor listed. Since 2003 we've saved 378 hours or 11 weeks work
West Dunbartonshire Council, 2009

We've seen a great improvement in the standard of contractors since joining CHAS, we certainly wouldn't like to see a fallback in standards without CHAS.
Sunderland City Council

CHAS has revolutionised the way we have undertaken H&S competency checks of our contractors
Sheffield City Council

As Safety Manager for an Estates Section that has a large number of contractors, I have always found the great attributes of the scheme are its reasonable costs and the efficient turnaround
Leeds City Council

I find the CHAS website very helpful and easy to use. I like the fact that I can add my sub contractors to my list within the website, and that I am informed of any changes that may occur regarding them
Boulting Environmental Services Ltd

CHAS saves time and effort, and it provides a method for raising the standards of health and safety across organisations to the same level. The scheme makes effective business and legal sense.
Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

SSIP Related Testimonials

I have to say that I am very impressed that you recognise safe contractor in this application which, minimises duplicate form filling and of course the cost of the accreditation. You don’t often come across a company with a fresh ‘sensible’ approach.
Gareth Turner, IPM Ltd