The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

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This certainly seemed to prove an easier and more painless way to attain our accreditation.

Kings Security (Full Application)

The new process was clear, very quick and easy to use.I would not hesitate to use this service when our accreditation comes up for renewal next year.

Cityspec Specialist Pest Management Solutions Ltd (Deem To Satisfy)

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A high percentage of new business is generated through successful tenders. Over the years the number of lead contractors that make CHAS registration a prerequisite in the tendering stage has risen substantially. One of our biggest customers accepts CHAS as an alternative to having to go through their own health and safety questionnaires. This allows us to streamline our tendering process to maximise the number of projects we can work on.

Greens Decorating Contractors Ltd.

With my company being small, the assessment works well for me, but also keeps me up to date with all my H&S. Without using CHAS some of these things could get forgotten about, so would cost my company in contracts in the future.

T Brown Joiners.

Joining CHAS really made us consider out H&S procedures in more detail and having to document them all instantly makes them easier to maintain and renew.

Ecological Land Management Ltd.

CHAS is a great service which has helped my company become better and which has resulted in us winning more contracts of work. I have also recommended CHAS to other companies I work alongside who have now also become CHAS accredited.

MA Brickworks Ltd.

The accreditation process itself is a great way of monitoring the H&S within your own company, so by itself forces training in areas you may not be familiar with, so money well spent.

Probe Lockers.

I would just like to thank you for your help and expertise throughout this whole process. My experience with CHAS was great from start to finish.

Autism Hampshire.

We first achieved our CHAS accreditation in 1998 and have found it very useful as a means of demonstrating that we comply with current health & safety law in the construction industry. CHAS is recognised across the whole of our industry so it reduces the amount of time and resources needed to pre-qualify for projects.

Concrete Repairs.

CHAS Accreditation

Accreditation is ONLY available for contractors or consultants who have been assessed as CHAS compliant.

  • The Accreditation Certificate is valid for 12 months from the date you were last assessed as compliant
  • In order to maintain accreditation you will need to be assessed on an annual basis.

A CHAS compliant supplier meets acceptable standards of health and safety; threshold standard or core criteria. Our buyers can view which suppliers are compliant.

You will automatically be issued with an accreditation pack which provides:

  • A dated certificate of accreditation
  • A selection of stickers and licensed use of our logos on your stationery and livery

Accreditation also provides:

  • Verification of your CHAS registration and history to non-CHAS buyers, potential clients and insurers;
  • Exemption from completing Constructionline and other H&S scheme questionnaires;
  • Access to information on the CHAS database about your company including CHAS status, registration details and assessment history;
  • Facility to view which CHAS buyers have viewed your details; and
  • The potential for discounted public liability insurances and other insurances.

Accreditation can take between 7 to 10 working days to administer and is valid for 12 months from the date you last achieved CHAS compliance.

If you want more information about accreditation please contact the CHAS administrator