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What is CHAS?

CHAS helps clients (buyers) and contractors (suppliers) ensure compliance across the different areas of risk management, and mitigate risks across the supply chain. We offer accreditation schemes that can help businesses achieve compliance, mitigate supply chain risks and support efficient supply chain management. 

With the new Common Assessment Standard, we can review all aspects of your risk management policies in a single annual audit.  And as one of the founders of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP),  CHAS is committed to setting health and safety benchmarks that drive industries forward and make the world of work a safer place.

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What We Do

Simplify the Accreditation Process
Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to gain accreditation. Our accreditation schemes are designed to help you achieve compliance in all areas of risk management using a single assessment body just once a year. CHAS is here to support you through the accreditation journey from start to finish.

Improve the Efficiency of the Pre-qualification Process
We make sure contractors can become prequalified without having to spend large amounts of time or money on the pre-qualification process. We have streamlined the pre-qualification experience with simple pre-qualification questionnaires that assess compliance and minimise repetition on renewal.

Connect Contractors and Clients
Our client portal connects prequalified contractors with clients with new projects. Contractors can grow their business using their CHAS membership by connecting with leading organisations, and clients can easily find suitable contractors for their projects based on work criteria and location.

Support Efficient Supply Chain Management
CHAS clients can benefit from supply chain matching — we will analyse your supply chain and assess your compliance against a national accreditation database. We can also help you streamline and optimise your supply chain, and all of this is completely free.

COVID-19 We’re Here To Help

COVID-19 Latest News

Keep up with the latest COVID-19 news and find out how CHAS is working to support you and your company through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Statement of Best Practice

CHAS People Health Wallet

CHAS is proud to introduce the CHAS Health Wallet, a COVID-19 service that records and monitors your employees’ eligibility to work.

CHAS for Contractors: How Can We Help?

CHAS membership is an all-in-one solution for contractors who want to adopt the best practices for risk prevention, meet excellent standards, and gain accreditation. CHAS members gain access to exclusive benefits, accreditation schemes, work opportunities and unrivalled support. We are proud to have been awarded the Gold standard for contractor support by FEEFO in both 2018 and 2019, and the Platinum standard in 2020.

Comply with Important Legislation
CHAS can offer advice and training resources to help you comply with important legislation. With a CHAS membership, you can achieve compliance across all areas of risk management.

Easy-To-Use Accreditation and Certification Schemes
Gaining accreditation doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult. With our accreditation schemes, you can gain certification quickly, easily and at the right level for your company. Starting at CHAS Health and Safety, all the way up to the Common Assessment Standard, which covers 12 key areas of risk management. You will also have the option to complete individual certification modules in areas of risk management, such as Environmental, Equality and Diversity, Financial and Business Standing and more. 

Our accreditation and certification schemes can be completed through desktop assessments or on-site audits. Fast track services are also available if required. 

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Display Compliance to Potential Clients
Once you’ve achieved compliance and gained accreditation, your business profile — which is listed on the CHAS online portal — will display your compliance, trades and locations in which you operate. Clients can access your full business profile via the client portal and contact you with job opportunities .

Prequalify for Work Opportunities
Accredited members will prequalify for exclusive work opportunities with over 1500 registered clients. Your business profile will reach clients first, and with more work opportunities, you’ll have the chance to grow your business.

Receive Exclusive Benefits
CHAS contractors can make the most of exclusive membership benefits, including Business Shield Support, discounted e-learning training modules and eRAMs (electronic risk assessment and method statement templates), and fuel cards that you can use to get discounted fuel.

Contractors will also have access to insurance solutions and expert advice from an award-winning broker that has supported over 100,000 businesses and individuals across the UK.

Join CHAS as a contractor today to save money, manage risk, reassure your clients and prequalify for thousands of opportunities with leading organisations.

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CHAS for Clients: Join for Free

Joining CHAS as a client is completely free, and gives you access to a full suite of supply chain management tools. CHAS clients stay in full control of their supply chain, and can easily ensure the compliance of every contractor working for them. 

You can use the CHAS client portal to find approved contractors for projects, check the health and safety status of prospective workers and monitor and mitigate supply chain risk. 

Clients in many different industries already use CHAS to manage their supply chain and demonstrate legislative compliance, from construction companies, to house builders, utility and facility management companies, local authorities and care and housing associations. 

Become a CHAS Client for free and start shielding your organisation from risk. 

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CHAS Membership Benefits

For Contractors

  • Comply with important compliance legislation
  • Gain pre-approval to work for over 1,000 CHAS clients
  • Gain certification under the CHAS Common Assessment Standard scheme
  • Reassure clients you are committed to safeguarding their reputation
  • Display compliance in a wide range of areas by completing compliance certification modules in Health and Safety, Environmental, Equality and Diversity, Financial and Business Standing and more

For Clients

  • Save money and time with our FREE service and find CHAS-approved contractors to deliver your projects
  • Check the compliance status of your supply chain
  • Demonstrate responsibility and safeguard your reputation
  • Set up alerts and monitor your supply chain’s certification status
  • Discover the UK’s best and most trusted, fully accredited contractors
  • Dedicated account management team

Latest Insights

Read the latest news and insights about UK compliance, client risk mitigation and mandated health and safety accreditation for contractors in our blog.

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