Our Assessors

We currently have over 100 assessors based all across the UK. Our assessors work freelance, and are all health and safety professionals.

When an assessor applies to work for CHAS they have to provide relevant health and safety qualifications and experience. We also follow up on references that demonstrate that they can provide​ good health and safety advice.

Our assessors have to attend training that covers CHAS standards, time frames for work to be carried out, data entry and procedure updates. Further to this our assessors have all attended IRCA training - approved SSIP Core Criteria assessor training course - which we believe will give further confidence to clients and contractors that our assessments are consistent and carried out by competent assessors.

Once an assessor starts receiving assessments from us, they are automatically required to submit a percentage of their work for quality assurance checks.​​ The results of these are checked and

monitored on a monthly basis and any issues are dealt with by the Operations Manager.Our assessors are real people with a straightforward, helpful and​ friendly manner. They all have extensive practical knowledge and experience that covers many sectors. We pride ourselves on employing supportive, conscientious professionals to make your assessment journey as effortless as possible.​