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Membership vs. Accreditation

Learn the difference between CHAS membership and accreditation

My CHAS Membership

Your CHAS Membership is a fixed point in the year and will be the point at which you will pay your annual membership of CHAS. As a CHAS member, you’ll have access to our suite of membership benefits that could save your company hundreds of pounds every year and add value to your business. These include:

Business Shield
○ Health & Safety and Environmental supportline
○ Step-by-step guides
○ Templates
○ News & Updates
○ Discounted training
○ Discounted electronic risk assessment & method statement
○ Discounted fuel
○ Award winning insurance broker providing insurance solutions & expert advice to over 100,000 businesses and individuals across the UK

Why should I gain CHAS Accreditation?

Even though having CHAS Membership is great and gives you access to all the benefits, it is CHAS Accreditation that will demonstrate to our 1000+ clients that your policies and procedures are up-to-date and comply with current legislation. Your information will be on a central portal so you will be visible to 1000+ clients for more job opportunities.

How do I become accredited?

The payment of your CHAS Membership is the gateway to achieving accreditation status. To become CHAS Accredited, you will need to submit an application on the contractor portal and you will go through a detailed desktop assessment. Once you have submitted your application, an assessor will be assigned and they will assess it. Once you have passed, you will receive an electronic accreditation certificate and approval letter. A physical copy of the accreditation certificate and stickers for your work vehicles will follow shortly after in the post.

When do I renew my CHAS membership and accreditation?

The renewal dates for membership and accreditation may be different, depending on the date you registered for your membership and the date you gained accreditation. Your membership and your accreditation status both need to be renewed separately, a year after registration and accreditation took place. If, for example, you become accredited a few months after joining, you will need to renew your accreditation a year after your accreditation date. Your membership date will always remain the same date, your accreditation date will expire one year from the approval date.

What next?

CHAS membership and accreditation, works better together. To get full benefit, become a CHAS accredited member, and stay ahead of the game. CHAS are here to help you make your world of work safer. Call 020 8545 3838 for further information or register for CHAS today.

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