PAS 91 and Environmental | Contractor | CHAS


Sustainability is now a key issue for many companies, and clients are keen for its potential contractors to have a commitment to sustainable environmental practices. A written policy does not necessarily need to be a lengthy document (1-2 pages may suffice) but should always reflect your business processes. 

The client assessing this information will be considering:

 Can this organisation help us reduce the impact of our operations on the environment?

Typically the kind of information requested will be;

• A copy of an environmental management policy (your processes and procedures to ensure that the environmental impacts of the organisation are properly managed, including meeting legal requirements)

• Details of any accredited environmental management system

The environmental application will operate as follows:

If you have an ISO 14001, BS8555 or EMAS accreditation you can supply your current certificate to CHAS in order to complete your environmental application with CHAS, alternatively you will be required to answer a standard question set in alignment with PAS 91 standards.