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Comprehensive Plant Management

CHAS Plant – Makes Maintenance, Safety and Compliance Simple

Correctly maintained and safely operated equipment last longer, produce less harmful emissions, and cause fewer work site incidents. These practices aren’t just beneficial for your business; they’re growing areas of focus with both hiring clients and regulators.

Clients are expressing a preference for contractors that consistently demonstrate adherence to these best practices, and regulators are demanding to see proof. NRMM is just one example of this new reality.

The challenge for contractors is that maintenance, safety, and compliance operations have mainly been paper-based, limiting efficiency and effectiveness.

We built CHAS Plant to fix this problem. We’ve applied modern, mobile technology to all key workflows to make doing the work easy and documenting it automatic.

What CHAS Plant Provides

Centralised Plant Registry

Create a digital inventory and documentation repository for all of your plant. Each asset has a detailed profile containing images, descriptions, appropriate uses, insurance certificates, maintenance history, location and usage log, and more.

Automated Maintenance Workflows

Establish manufacturer-recommended service schedules to ensure proper maintenance of your assets. Users receive automated alerts of approaching required actions, and all completed work is easily logged and applied to the plant history.

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Digitized Operational Checklists

Empower your work site teams with digital prompts and efficient processes to be completed when and where required. Pre-start checklists and more are consistently completed, digitally documented, and simple to share with clients and auditors.

Simplified Audit Processes

Streamline communications and compliance verifications with clients and auditors all from within the application. Access and share the detailed history of plant maintenance, completed tasks, pre-start checklists, inspections with ease.

Accessed via your existing CHAS log-in you will get online access to;

  • A single view of all Plant owned and managed by you
  • Audit trail of all activity relating to the specific item of Plant
  • A Repository of all maintenance records
  • A Repository of operator daily checks/inspections
  • Evidence of compliance (e.g. NRMM Standards)
  • Disclosure capability if needed for external parties, i.e. Regulator or Client audit
  • Asset Workflow management – timely reminders of upcoming certifications/inspections and more….

Your Privacy Matters!

CHAS takes the privacy of your personal information very seriously. We’ll never share any of your documents, identity or information with any party.

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