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CHAS Plant – In Detail

Plant is a leading cause of worker fatalities and job site disruptions globally, with many industries attributing nearly half of all deaths and incalculable costs directly to heavy mobile equipment.

Add to this, the impact of plant-generated emissions on workers and local communities, and it’s clear that having greater visibility into and control over the equipment working on your projects is critical.

We developed CHAS Plant to provide you with precisely that. It’s a modern, digital solution that enables comprehensive management and oversight of your equipment and that of your suppliers across every worksite, replacing typically paper-based, inefficient practices.

Features – What CHAS Plant Gives You

Plant Register

Multi-user visibility on plant. Different security and user access levels define limits of functionality.

CHAS Plant enables suppliers to manage their Plant and, if required, make the records visible to hiring clients and third-party auditors, maximising the compliance benefits.


Log modifications to machinery including evidence of statutory assessments/inspections, design documentation, adjustments for disabilities, etc.

CHAS Plant makes it easy to add and track modifications made to your equipment.


Build checklists that can be applied to items of machinery and equipment for advanced, automated management processes.

For example, Pre-Start Checklists completed by machinery operators: automatically create task, feeds usage metrics into service schedules.

Other checklists include Service Checklists, Damage Reports, Operator Checks, Expense Logs

File Upload

Central repository for all supporting documentation associated with a piece of Plant;

  • Maintenance records
  • Service and assessment records
  • Safety documentation
  • Manuals
  • Warranties and receipts


Third-party and hiring client assessors/inspectors can perform assessments and inspections using CHAS Plant.

Tasks can be created, and follow-up conversations can occur all within CHAS Plant for more efficient communication.


Cases are particular conversations that are initiated when safety problems occur.

This brings all relevant stakeholders together (hiring client, supplier/ contractor and assessor/inspector) in one easy-to-use dashboard for an open and transparent conversation, aimed at getting unsafe items of equipment safe fand back into operation quickly and efficently, without causing any paperwork.

Accessed via your existing CHAS log-in you will get online access to;

  • A single view of all Plant owned and managed by you
  • Audit trail of all activity relating to the specific item of Plant
  • A Repository of all maintenance records
  • A Repository of operator daily checks/inspections
  • Evidence of compliance (e.g. NRMM Standards)
  • Disclosure capability if needed for external parties, i.e. Regulator or Client audit
  • Asset Workflow management – timely reminders of upcoming certifications/inspections and more….

Your Privacy Matters!

CHAS takes the privacy of your personal information very seriously. We’ll never share any of your documents, identity or information with any party.

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