Lancashire County Council

Lancashire County Council's Building Design & Construction team has been a member of CHAS for a number of years. With some 1200 sites and in excess of 1800 buildings, needless to say they have many construction and refurbishment projects as well as the day-to-day maintenance programme throughout the year.
Stuart Morris, Health & Safety Manager from Lancashire Highways Services said:

"We use CHAS as our primary compliance tool for existing and new contractors to establish and maintain a consistent approach in the control of contractors' health and safety management.
Its database allows us to establish our own contractor list, which we can then monitor and review, as applicants gain or reapply for membership. It automatically notifies us of company failures, re-applications and changes in company circumstances. This has proved very useful in maintaining the approved list of contractors held centrally by the county council.

With many businesses on our approved list, varying in size and discipline, and located throughout the Lancashire area, CHAS has been the county council's 'go-to' assessment tool to ensure consistent health and safety management is maintained."