About The Client Portal

The new client portal which we have developed after working closely with many stakeholders and a User Experience consultancy is now LIVE.
The new client portal is more visual and less text based. The portal allows clients to log-in and immediately see a one page colour-coded status of their supply chain. No need to interrogate the system as the high-level information is presented in an easy to understand format. Of course, the ability to “drill down” and find specific information on a supplier is easily achieved with a simple “point & click” process. This high-level status will be enhanced as we add different types assessments to the system in the future.

Enhanced capabilities allow you to search on your own supply chain as well as the entire CHAS database. The returned information is also shown on a map to provide easy visualisation of the location of current or potential contractors.
As a client you can create and manage lists of contractors (called “projects”) to enable you to manage your supply chain in a more effective way. These lists can also be exported to excel for further analysis and manipulation.
Also, an enhanced security function enables you to control how many users can have access to the portal from your organisation.

Lastly, a client's profile page enables you to display information to contractors about your own organisation and its supplier needs.​