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Client Portal

Supply Chain Management Services

The new client portal - more visual, more convenient, more practical.
In CHAS we appreciate your time and like business beneficial solutions. This is why upon login you can immediately see a one page color-coded status of your supply chain.

No need to interrogate the system as high-level information is presented in an easy to understand format. Of course, the ability to “drill down” and find specific information on a supplier is easily achieved with a simple “point & click” process. Furthermore, all high-level statuses will be enhanced as we continue working on your portal and adding functionality.

Enhanced capabilities allow you to

  • Search on your supply chain as well as the entire CHAS database
  • See information on a map to provide easy visualisation of the location of current or potential contractors
  • Create and manage lists of contractors (called “projects”) to enable you to further manage your supply chain in a more effective way. (These lists can also be exported to excel for further analysis and manipulation.)
  • Take control of how many users within your organisation can have access to the portal

Lastly, a clients profile page enables you to display information to contractors about your own organisation and its supplier needs.

Quick Guide

Your Personal Login
  1. Use your credentials to log into the portal:
  2. View your supply chain and all CHAS contractors
New Powerful Search Engine
  1. Search by company name
  2. Search by trade or company number
  3. Search by location
  4. Add contractor to your supply chain or project 
Project Management Capability
  1. Create, amend or edit project(s)
  2. Manage contractors in project(s), every contractor can be added to more than one project
  3. Use your dashboard for an easy overview of your contractor’s accreditation statuses
Contractor Qualification Overview

Hover over contractor name

Choose view profile

Browse through the full range of assessment and insurance documents and select contractors based on your approved standards