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Contractor Engagement

Supply Chain Management Services

We are often required to help find and engage in locating new contractors to help supplement an existing supply chain to help support a new project or cover a new geographic area to implement a new business win.  This can be seen as a difficult task both in terms of the type of contractor required and evidence that they can deliver to the quality and standards expected. CHAS is currently working with a number of clients to address this market's needs and help deliver an end to end solution, often in very short timescales. This is a FREE service.

CHAS uses its existing database of over 70,000 contractors using your selection criteria of work categories to identify candidates that maybe suitable and fit within the geographic regions you have specified.  The potential contractors identified will include both compliant and non-compliant contractors.  CHAS will provide an analysis of the target market and a breakdown of capability.  Finally, we can execute a marketing exercise to generate 'expressions of interest' and a mechanism to commence the recruitment process. ​​

If you are interested in becoming a CHAS client and using this FREE service, then please CLICK HERE​ and complete the form.​