Supply Chain Management Services

From the 1st of June, CHAS started expanding the information it is collecting from the CHAS contractor base, in conformance with the PAS91 standards.PAS91

What is the purpose of PAS91?

Its purpose is restricted to providing a stand​ardised set of questions. PAS91 does, however, provide some guidance as to the type of evidence a supplier may provide in response to specific questions.

The aim of PAS91 is to provide a common set of questions so that suppliers, such as contractors, service providers, designers etc, will be asked questions that they are familiar with.

It is intended that this will lead to reduced effort and significant savings in the procurement process, as well as the sharing of information.

It is also hoped it will help encourage more participation from SMEs, many of which have found competing for business with large organisations unviable due to the resource/cost burden of procurement processes.

​"How can you use the PAS91 standard as a client?
It is sound business sense to check out any organisation you are looking to do business with. You will want to ensure that they are financially viable, well governed and have the organisational capability to work on your behalf."


What are the 4 new Modules?

Simply the new data sets expand and formalise informati​on that CHAS has previously captured and will be effectively displayed in the new Client Portal, that will be going live later in June.  The data sets fall under the following headings:

  • Environmental
  • Financial & Business Standing​
  • Quality
  • Equal Opportunities & Diversity


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