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For Contractors Registered with SSIP Member Schemes

Join CHAS and gain SSIP accreditation, or use your existing SSIP certification to become a CHAS member without needing to undertake another assessment. 

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), is an umbrella organisation for health and safety assessment bodies. The organisation, which is approved by the HSE, aims to promote a single standard for health and safety, simplifying the health and safety assessment process for contractors. 

We can help you gain SSIP accreditation and meet excellent health and safety standards. Or if you’ve already gained accreditation through another SSIP assessment scheme, you can join CHAS straight away, without undertaking another assessment, and start making the most of our member benefits. 

How Does SSIP Accreditation Work?

Gain Accreditation through SSIP Members’ Assessment Schemes 

Unlike other accreditation organisations, SSIP doesn’t work directly with contractors. Instead, it provides core criteria for assessment schemes. Assessment bodies can become SSIP members by ensuring their schemes meet these core criteria. 

So as a contractor, you don’t need to join or contact SSIP directly. You can achieve accreditation simply by joining and completing an assessment scheme run by an assessment body who is an SSIP member. 

Many Different Assessment Bodies Recognise SSIP Accreditation 

All assessment bodies who are SSIP members recognise this accreditation, whether it is achieved through them or not. Providers of SSIP member schemes have agreed to work together under the “Deem to Satisfy” application so that contractors with membership to one member scheme do not have to spend time, money and energy undergoing multiple assessments for the same accreditation. Once accredited, you can join other SSIP assessment schemes without needing to undertake another assessment. 

Choose an SSIP Assessment Scheme 

There are over 30 assessment bodies who are registered SSIP members, and CHAS is proud to be not just a member, but a founding member. We played an integral role in SSIP’s launch in May 2009, and since then have continued to meet the organisation’s core criteria. 

So, if you already have SSIP accreditation, you can join CHAS without needing to complete a desktop or on-site assessment. But if you don’t have this accreditation yet, you can become SSIP accredited by becoming a CHAS member.

How SSIP Accreditation Can Help Your Business

  • Demonstrate Your Health and Safety Compliance — Accreditation is hugely important when it comes to demonstrating your company’s compliance with important legislation and your ability to effectively manage risk. And accreditation via an SSIP member is one of the most valued and widely recognised accreditation you can hold.
  • Secure More Work Opportunities — Achieving CHAS Accreditation can boost your professional reputation and help you secure more work opportunities, as many clients will look for SSIP accreditation when selecting contractors during the procurement process.
  • Save Time and Money on Health and Safety Assessments — One of the main aims of the SSIP is to reduce health and safety assessment costs and duplication in the supply chain. Once you have CHAS accreditation, you’ll have satisfied the criteria for all other SSIP members’ schemes. You won’t need to have multiple accreditations. But if you do want to join other SSIP assessment schemes to access member benefits, you can do so quickly and easily, without needing to pass another assessment.

Gain Accreditation Via an SSIP Member

As a founding member of SSIP, CHAS can help you become SSIP accredited. The CHAS Health and Safety Assessment provides a thorough review of your health and safety policies and procedures. By completing and passing this assessment, you will gain recognition across the SSIP member community and the wider construction & related industries.

Your CHAS membership will also give you access to online training materials that can help you improve health and safety standards and demonstrate your compliance. And if you have any questions about our assessment schemes, you can always get in touch with our friendly team of health and safety professionals. We know completing assessments can feel like a daunting process, but we’re here to help. 

Join CHAS through the Deem to Satisfy Scheme 

If you have already completed a health and safety assessment with another SSIP assessment body, you can join CHAS, become an accredited member, and access all of our accredited member benefits, without needing to undertake an assessment. 

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CHAS Membership Benefits for Contractors

• Gain pre-qualification for projects with 1,000+ of CHAS clients

• Comply with mandated risk mitigation requirements to reassure prospective clients

• Secure exclusive CHAS membership benefits that could save your company hundreds of pounds a year, including tailored business insurance, fuel discounts, e-learning training and Business Shield support

• Gain certification under the CHAS Common Assessment Standard scheme

• Study a wide range of compliance certification modules, including Health and Safety, Environmental, Equality and Diversity, Financial and Business Standing and more

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