1 Year Since New Brand Launch | CHAS
15 Mar 2018

1 Year Since New Brand Launch

It's been a year since we introduced our new website and logo to you all. The transition from our old logo to the new one has gone really well, we have seen plenty of new logos out and about on vehicles, site signage and on websites. 

To step up this transition and make sure you have all the elements that is needed to make the change, click here to request the new logo and click here to request stickers.

 ​​The CHAS Logo​

As an accredited contractor you will have a licence to use the CHAS logo. You can use the logo on your website,​ letterhead, and stationery. Click here to request the new logo

CHAS Stickers

When you renew you we will post you out your brand new certificate along with stickers for your vehicles, if you would like additional stickers please click here to request them. (Stickers are available in A4 and A5)​​​