15 Jun 2018

NFDC finds an innovative solution to addressing the Demolition Skills Shortage

NFDC finds an innovative solution to addressing the Demolition Skills Shortage

Is it common knowledge that training from within an organisation is key to creating a skilled, professional and loyal workforce.

The demolition industry, like the construction industry, continues to struggle with a shortage of skilled workers across all levels. Unless we can invest in our own industry we will not be ready to face the challenges and opportunities presented to us today and in the future.

In addition to general industry shortages in skilled workers, there is empirical evidence that tells us many organisations are finding it hard to obtain funding for apprentices from the Apprenticeship Levy, which is only exacerbating the situation.

Members of the NFDC strongly believe in two things - the importance of positive investment in their workforces, and attracting the talents of gifted apprentices. At our recent AGM they asked the NFDC Board to look at ways to support them in their training efforts. 

The National Council Committee of the NFDC have developed an initiative to help to combat this problem in the Demolition Industry. We are pleased to announce that a solution has been found. The Board of Directors have agreed to provide our members with a substantial training credit. From 1st June 2018, the NFDC will be giving back an additional £1,000 in the form of a training voucher to all its Corporate Members to be used against training purchased from our training group, the NDTG, at their Hemel Hempstead training centre.

This is a win win solution for both our Corporate Members and the NFDC. Members can take advantage of £1,000 of free specialist Demolition Industry training with the NDTG, and in turn the NFDC is pleased to be able to support our members in combatting their skills shortages. The NDTG is at the cutting edge of specialist demolition training with highly experienced trainers and a choice of classroom and practical-based courses. 

This is a sizeable investment from the NFDC, with £150,000 being injected directly into the industry, enabling our members to address their shortfall of labour, and at the same time investing in the next generation of demolition professionals.

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