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Free Supply Chain Management 


With ever changing regulations and the importance of supply chains, managing this can be complicated and a drain on resources. How can CHAS help simplify this process whilst safeguarding your people and reputation?

CHAS are first to make the Common Assessment Standard (CAS) available to you. CHAS gives your businesses a single, complete risk management solution. We help organisations to simplify compliance and manage risk as well as raising and improving standards across supply chains.

Complete the short form below and a member of the team will be in contact to discuss your FREE client access.




Who can become a CHAS client?
If you use a supply chain of at least 20 subcontractors ​then using CHAS to manage your supply chain could help save you time and money. Fill out the short form and a member of the CHAS team will be in contact to discuss how being a CHAS Client could benefit you and your company. 


How much does it cost?
Being a CHAS client is completely FREE, as are the additional services outlined below. We operate with an open and transparent agenda and will align our service set to fit in with your business ethos and operational standards. Together we can make the world of work safer.

Our Expanded Supply Chain Management Services

Client Portal

​​Access to the new client portal, which has been developed after working closely with stakeholders and a User Experience consultancy. Enhanced capabilities allow you to search your own supply chain as well as the ​entire CHAS database. Results are mapped geographically and listed, all in a simple 'point & click' interface allowing you to 'drill down' for specific information.

Common Assessment Standard

This new service will allow for greater consistency and efficiency in how sub-contractors become pre-qualified for work at the first stage (business assurance). With the backing of 31 of the largest clients in the construction industry, CAS will simplify the process - reducing duplication, time and cost for your company. For 2 decades CHAS have strived for a reduction in duplication and the introduction of the Common Assessment Standard (CAS) is translating that aspiration into a reality.

Supply Chain Matching ​

A common start point is an analysis of your current supply chain to assess the level of compliance that you already have against a national accreditation database operated by CHAS.

Contractor Engagement Service

​CHAS will utilize its existing database of over 70,000 contractors to identify candidates that are approved for your required work categories and specified geographic regions. Whatever the location or work category, we can help.