Statement of Best Practice (COVID-19)

Qualify for work opportunities by demonstrating to
clients that you are committed to mitigating the risk of COVID-19.

Although many contractors have returned to work, projects have resumed and plans are going ahead, COVID-19 still poses a very real threat to organisations and individual contractors alike. 

Going forward in the post-lockdown and post-COVID world of work, organisations will be looking for reassurance that their supply chains are COVID-secure. They will want to see evidence that risks of coronavirus are mitigated throughout all stages of the supply chain, by everyone involved in the production flow. 

Creating a COVID secure workplace and supply chain means safeguarding your business and everyone affected by your business operations (your workforce, clients, stakeholders and members of the public) from health and safety risks and economic downturn. 

At CHAS, we’re doing everything we can to help you get back to work safely with our COVID-19 support services. To help you make sure you are following best practices in response to the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve introduced a new module to all CHAS packages: the Statement of Best Practice (COVID-19).

What Is the Statement of Best Practice (COVID-19) Module?

Just like other modules in our assessments and accreditation schemes, the Statement of Best Practice (COVID-19) module is a set of questions that you’ll need to complete and provide supporting evidence for.

These questions will check that you’re committed to mitigating risks relating to coronavirus in line with government guidelines and industry guidance, such as the Construction Leadership Council’s new Site Operating Procedures for the construction industry. You’ll need to demonstrate your commitment to mitigating COVID-19 risks by showing that you have put adequate and effective control measures in place.

Once you’ve completed this module, it will be reviewed and verified by our in-house team. Your completion of this module and compliance with COVID-19 guidance and best practices will then be displayed on your CHAS business profile, which will be visible to over 1500 CHAS Clients.

Why Complete This COVID-19 Best Practice Module?

Completing the Statement of Best Practice (COVID-19) module can help you get your business back on track after a difficult period of lockdown and economic uncertainty. By answering a few questions about your response to the coronavirus outbreak, you can unlock a number of business benefits

Qualify for Work Opportunities with COVID-Conscious Clients

Many clients looking for contractors will want to protect themselves from COVID risks by selecting contractors who have demonstrated their commitment to coronavirus risk management. 

Make Sure Your Response to COVID-19 Meets Required Standards

Once you’ve completed this module, your COVID-19 policies, procedures and risk assessment will be verified. This allows you to confirm with a risk management expert that your response to the coronavirus pandemic meets required standards.

Demonstrate COVID-19 Compliance for No Extra Cost

The Statement of Best Practice (COVID-19) module has been added to all CHAS packages. So regardless of which CHAS accreditation package you have, you can complete this module and qualify for more post-COVID work opportunities without any additional costs.

Quickly and Efficiently Complete This Module

This COVID-19 module consists of three questions, plus an additional three for businesses in the construction sector. These questions don’t take long to complete and evidence so you can start demonstrating your compliance and commitment to COVID risk management and qualify for work opportunities.

What Are the Statement of Best Practice (COVID-19) Questions?

All businesses will need to answer and provide evidence for three questions about their response to COVID-19: 

  • Please upload signed and dated copy(s) of your completed COVID-19 risk assessment. 
  • Do you share the results of your risk assessment with your workforce? 
  • Do you display a notice in your workplace to confirm that you follow the government’s guidance on managing the risks of COVID-19?

For many businesses, the above three questions will be all you need to answer. If you need more guidance on how to evidence your answers to these questions, you can download our COVID-19 Statement of Best Practice Guidance. 

Businesses in the construction industry will need to answer an additional three questions to demonstrate that you have implemented the new Site Operating Procedures outlined by the Construction Leadership Council. 

These questions are: 

  • Please confirm that your organisation has reviewed and implemented the new Site Operating Procedures. 
  • Please confirm that your staff are aware and are adopting the new Site Operating Procedures when attending a site. 
  • Please confirm that your supply chain/contractors are aware of and are adopting the new Site Operating Procedures.

Demonstrate COVID-19 Best Practices in 3 Simple Steps

We’ve made it as simple as possible for you to demonstrate that your response to this outbreak meets required standards. If you’re already a CHAS Contractor, you can complete this module in three simple steps. 

If you’re not yet a CHAS member, you’ll only need to complete one additional step — you just need to become a CHAS Contractor. Remember, the Statement of Best Practice module is included with all CHAS packages, so whichever accreditation option you choose, you’ll have access to this module. 

Once you have an account, you can follow these easy steps to demonstrate that your business meets COVID-19 best practices.

Step 1

Log in to Your Account You’ll find the Statement of Best Practice (COVID-19) questions on your Contractor Portal. So the first step to completing this module is logging into your account.

Step 2

Provide Evidence and Answer Questions — you’ll need to enter answers for each one and upload supporting evidence (such as your COVID-19 risk assessment). If your business falls within the construction sector, you’ll need to answer an additional three questions about the new Site Operating Procedure requirements.

Step 3

Submit Evidence and Answers — Click submit and your answers and evidence will be reviewed. Once verified that you’re meeting COVID best practices, this module will be approved and added to your CHAS business profile.

If you’re ready to demonstrate your commitment to mitigating COVID-19 risks and qualify for more work opportunities, log in to your account and complete the Statement of Best Practice (COVID-19) module. Alternatively, if you haven’t yet joined CHAS, you can become a CHAS contractor today and gain access to this module with any accreditation package.

We also offer a number of other resources that can help you protect your supply chain from coronavirus, so visit our COVID support page to see how we can help.

We also offer a number of other resources that can help you protect your supply chain from coronavirus, so visit our COVID support page to see how we can help.

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