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Become a CHAS client today with free membership and gain access to a range of supply chain management and procurement tools. Mitigate risks and improve the efficiency of your supply chain.

CHAS client membership gives you access to a wide range of free services, including our industry-leading contractor database, and compliance and project management tools via the client portal. Membership for clients is completely free and CHAS client services come with extensive benefits — you can improve project efficiency, safeguard your business from risk, achieve and expand your supply chain with confidence. 

Once you become a CHAS client, you will have instant access to the CHAS Client Portal. Here, you will find a full suite of supply chain management and procurement tools, information on your current supply chain, live alerts about the compliance status of your contractors and more. 

Read on to find out more about the free CHAS client services, and how they can help your business, or if you’re already sold, sign up for a free client membership now.

Free CHAS User Services

The following services explain why thousands of clients are taking advantage of CHAS client membership. Each of our client services is completely free, and can help businesses thrive with improved supply chain efficiency and reduced risks.

Contractor Engagement

Contractor Sourcing: Find the Best Contractors

Finding the best contractors for new projects can feel like a daunting task, but with CHAS client membership, the procurement process becomes a lot easier. The search feature gives you access to our industry-leading database of contractors. You can view the business profiles of over 35,000 registered contractors. Simply enter your geographic area and trades (no matter how specialist) to filter your search and find available contractors in your area. Finding suitable contractors has never been easier. You can quickly and easily narrow down which contractors to contact view any potential compliance issues and put out invitations to tender, streamlining the procurement process.

Contractor Matching

Contractor Matching: Reduce Supply Chain Risks

Risk mitigation is at the heart of everything CHAS does, and our Contractor Matching service can help you reduce risks across your supply chain by allowing you to easily identify, assess and resolve non-compliance issues.  

All you need to do is request a Contractor Matching report, and we will undertake a compliance assessment on your behalf. We will assess the compliance of your current supply chain against our national database of over 35,000 contractors. Then we will produce a report within three to five working days comparing your current compliance to your competitors’ compliance rates. You can use this report to generate board reports, profile your contractors and prepare a risk reduction plan. 

If your Contractor Matching report identifies a need for improvement, you can work with us to improve standards across your company and achieve 100% compliance throughout your organisation.

Common Assessment Standard

Contractor Engagement: Increase supply chain compliance

One of our most popular client services is our Contractor Engagement service. Once you have chosen the desired level of accreditation, CHAS can engage with your supply chain (on your behalf). CHAS will provide draft communications, email templates, all tailored and designed to the client’s needs and requirements via our bespoke marketing suite. CHAS can take away the burden from you, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of the business whilst we help you achieve 100% compliance across your supply chain.

The CHAS Common Assessment Standard

The Common Assessment Standard makes it easier for you as a client to assess compliance across your supply chain. When browsing our database of contractors, you can sort by the level of accreditation contractors hold — meaning you can select contractors who have completed the Common Assessment Standard. 

To achieve the Common Assessment Standard, contractors will have proved their compliance in over 12 key areas of risk management. So if you’re hoping to achieve the highest levels of compliance across your supply chain, it’s worth choosing contractors with Common Assessment Standard accreditation.

How Can CHAS Client Services Help Your Business?

The above services can be hugely beneficial to your business. With a full suite of supply chain tools, effectively managing your supply chain has never been easier and with improved efficiency, your business may just reach new levels of success. Here are some of the benefits of CHAS client services explained. 

construction worker

Recruit the Best Contractors

Access to our database of prequalified, accredited contractors can save you time and money on the procurement process. You’ll have access to thousands of skilled contractors and specialists in your area. With so many contractors and specialists at your fingertips, you can easily find suitable contractors with the right skillsets and levels of compliance.

Finding the best contractors for your projects also comes with a range of benefits. Choosing the best people for the job can result in a higher quality of work and improved productivity. You’ll also protect your business from the damage that can stem from choosing the wrong contractor, without the necessary skills or levels of compliance. 

Ensure Supply Chain Compliance

By working with accredited contractors who have achieved compliance in different areas of risk management, you’ll improve compliance across your supply chain. You’ll also receive real-time alerts if any lapses in compliance occur in your supply chain so you can address them immediately and minimise costly downtime.

Reduce Supply Chain Risks

Using CHAS client services to ensure compliance across your supply chain will, in turn, help you reduce risks. You won’t need to take risks hiring contractors who don’t meet your compliance requirements and you’ll have access to accreditation and compliance schemes that can help you mitigate risks throughout your company. The Contractor Matching service can also help you identify areas of compliance and risk management that need improving.

Manage and View Projects with the Online Dashboard

The CHAS client portal can help your business when it comes to project and supply chain management. You can view project information including an overview of your entire supply chain, your CHAS contractors, your accreditation status and that of your contractors, and your own profile page.  Through this dashboard, you can create and edit projects, and manage your contractors — you can add contractors to multiple projects or assign them to a single project.

Dedicated support

Upon becoming a CHAS Client, we will assign a dedicated CHAS Business Development Manager to your account. 

Your assigned contact will assist during the on boarding and implementation process to define your business requirements, and which services you would like to take advantage of.

As standard, CHAS will provide all (unlimited) users with Client Portal training. This will commence upon your earliest convenience, and all training sessions to take place at either your place of work or via an online video demonstration. 

We are here to help you maximise the full potential of the free CHAS Client Portal and assist you in achieving supply chain compliance.

Sign up for a Free CHAS Client Membership

Start benefiting from CHAS client services today by signing up for a free CHAS client membership. If you’re still not sure whether becoming a CHAS client is the right decision for your company, why not give us a call and speak to one of our friendly advisors? Our experts have experience helping thousands of companies in different sectors achieve compliance, improve supply chain efficiency and mitigate risks, so whatever your requirements, they can help you protect your company from potential non-compliance risks.

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CHAS Membership Benefits for Clients

• Save money and time with our FREE service and find CHAS-approved contractors to deliver your projects

• Check the health and safety status of your supply chain

• Demonstrate responsibility and safeguard your reputation

• Set up alerts and monitor your supply chain’s certification status

• Discover the UK’s best and most trusted, fully accredited talent

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