CDM (2015) Regulations

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Construction Contractors Involved in CDM Projects Have Legal Duties of
Care under the Construction Design Management (CDM) 2015 Regulations.
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Under the CDM 2015 regulations, contractors involved in CDM projects must meet legal duties of care for on-site staff. If you are unsure whether your project falls under CDM regulations, don’t get caught out — read the CHAS CDM guidance below to ensure you are prepared and protected.

Where CDM 2015 Regulations Apply for Construction Contractors
The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has said that CDM legislation applies wherever an activity falls within the term “construction work”. That means if your project involves construction processes, requires construction skills and uses construction materials, it is most likely to fall under CDM.

CDM Requirements for FM Contractors

Facility Management (FM) contractors undertaking repair and maintenance work are not subject to CDM requirements if the project is unlikely to be construction work, (for instance, when undertaking maintenance or repair of a fixed plant that mainly involves mechanical adjustments, replacing parts or lubrication).

However, an FM contractor undertaking construction type tasks would be subject to CDM legislation, for example, if they are asked to install a new heating system and need to drill into the fabric of the building or if they are hired to clear a number of trees from a site as part of a new building construction. These tasks are considered to be part of a construction project and, therefore, a CDM job.

How to Decide Whether Your Work Falls Under CDM

There are many grey areas where building services contractors can easily become unwittingly involved in a CDM project and exposed to the clear legal duties of care imposed upon them by the 2015 regulations.

As a minimum, therefore, all contractors must have someone who is competent to assess which jobs do and do not fall under CDM 2015. Where they decide that a job is covered by CDM, they will need to ensure that designated duty holders in their organisation are suitably trained.

Complete Your Duty Holder or Contractor CDM Training Online

CHAS has developed effective online CDM training modules in partnership with leading e-learning company Human Focus. Our duty holder and CDM awareness courses are RoSPA approved and available to all CHAS-registered contractors.

As our courses are online, the training is low-cost and can be completed easily at your convenience.​

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