CHAS Social Sustainability – ESG for Clients and Contractors

The new ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Suite from Veriforce CHAS is a combination of assessments and services designed to help you benchmark your supply chains against a broad range of Sustainability topics, setting a clear pathway for the supply chain to improve and for clients to consistently measure against.

CHAS Social Sustainability provides a solid foundation for developing your sustainable procurement strategy. It enables you to assess your supply chain across a wide range of social and environmental topics, identifying areas for improvement. By continuously evaluating your supply chain’s capabilities, you gain insights into existing sustainability practices and opportunities for enhancement.

Moreover, CHAS Social Sustainability showcases how your organization extends its commitment to sustainability beyond its immediate operations, positively influencing the communities it serves.

How It Works:

The Social Sustainability verification covers 15 different areas of ESG focusing primarily on social and key environmental topics.

Organisations are assessed following a maturity model that scores each area on a scale from zero to five.

0 = Not Started

1 = Getting Started

2 = Pockets of Good Practice

3 = Strategic

4 = Embedded

5 = Influencer

The Assessment

The information and data provided by firms is independently assessed by teams of Environmental and Social Auditors who each have considerable and relevant industry experience.

Assessors are reviewing the quality of the work and the evidence provided against each principle for every question set.

Interviews assess the employee and leadership’s understanding of each category and individuals’ experiences of governance practices.

Why Clients Need it

We find clients or buying organisations need CHAS Social Sustainability because:

  • They lack consistent ESG data collection and assessment across their supply chain – they either have no data or can’t compare between suppliers, which:
    • stops them from driving improvement across their suppliers
    • represents a significant reputational risk for the client – if e.g. modern slavery, poor pay, environmental damage is found in one supplier, that impacts client’s brand reputation or even financial / business risk (fines, legal action, cancellation of contracts, …)
    • means any annual ESG reporting has little or no supply chain metrics
  • They want to comply with developing International ESG legislation
  • They find responding to ESG questions on tenders and performance management practices for ESG are highly time consuming and disruptive, without reliable and consistent data

Social Sustainability for Clients

All supply chains contribute to an organisation’s impact on society. To positively manage that impact you need to understand and trust the practices your supply chain has in place to operate in a more sustainable fashion.

CHAS Social Sustainability enables clients to benchmark their supply chain and sets out the course for their development. The ongoing recording and measuring of the supply chain’s capabilities enables clients to factor sustainability practices into procurement.

This suite of product and services from CHAS enables clients to measure and demonstrate how they are driving sustainability beyond their direct operation to positively impact the communities around them”.

“The CHAS Social Sustainability suite offers clients a foundation layer of governance to serve any sustainable procurement strategy.”

Benefits for Clients

Consistent and Specialist ESG data collection and assessment for your supply chain

Gain visibility of your supply chain’s ESG capabilities so you can drive improvement

Demonstrate advanced ESG governance through your organisation into the supply chain

Boost annual ESG reporting with supply chain metrics

Comply with developing International ESG legislation

Simplify and save time on your tender and performance management practices for ESG

Attract and retain talent and shareholders with ESG credentials

Access to a suite of ESG support materials and services

Social Sustainability for Contractors

The CHAS Social Sustainability maturity assessments are a company’s satellite navigation system for developing governance to become a more sustainable business. This ESG (environment, social and governance) solution tells you where you are with your current practices, and where you need to do to improve. It also gives you guidance throughout the journey.

“By consistently recording and measuring the journey, contractors can evidence their ongoing commitment to contributing to a more sustainable future.”

Benefits for Contractors

Benchmark your governance activities against best practices.

Demonstrate your ESG maturity to clients.

Drive year-on-year improvement to your ESG governance.

Save time on completing multiple ESG questions and assessments.

Attract and retain talent and shareholders by demonstrating your ESG credentials.

Access to a suite of ESG support materials and services.

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Join our latest webinar regarding The Common Assessment Standard: How it could benefit your business. Presented by Alex Minett, Head of Product CHAS. 11am, 30th November 2021
Join our latest webinar regarding The Common Assessment Standard: How it could benefit your business. Presented by Alex Minett, Head of Product CHAS. 11am, 30th November 2021