Health & Safety Assessment

Complete the CHAS health and safety assessment and gain accreditation without the need for any site visits.

As a leading provider of risk mitigation services in the UK, CHAS is here to make achieving health and safety compliance as simple as possible. Our Health and Safety Assessment provides a thorough review of your safety policy and associated procedures, processes, arrangements and records.

By completing the CHAS Health and Safety Assessment, you can ensure compliance with important legislation. Once you have gained accreditation, you can demonstrate your compliance to clients through our online client-facing portal and prequalify for more work opportunities. 

The CHAS Health and Safety Assessment is a desktop assessment so you can provide all the necessary documents electronically and achieve accreditation without the need for any site visits. However, you can opt for an on-site audit if you’d prefer.

CHAS Health and Safety Assessment Options 

We offer several types of health and safety accreditation packages so you can decide which level of accreditation best suits your needs.

  • Full Desktop Assessment — This is our standard Health and Safety Assessment. You can complete the assessment electrically by completing a set of questions about your health and safety policies and procedures and evidencing your answers with relevant documents.
  • CHAS Assured On-Site Audit — This type of assessment reviews the same policies and procedures as the desktop assessment but involves an on-site audit too.
  • Deem to Satisfy Application — CHAS is a registered SSIP member, so if you have already achieved accreditation through an SSIP member scheme, you can apply for CHAS accreditation through the Deem to Satisfy scheme without having to undergo our Health and Safety Assessment. 

We also offer specialist health and safety assessments for care providers. So if your business operates in an area of care, our Social Care Services Accreditation Programme may be more suitable than this assessment. 

How Does Our Health and Safety Assessment Work? 

Whether you choose to sit a desktop assessment or an on-site audit, the assessment will be carried out by one of our qualified assessors with appropriate skills, knowledge and experience. 

Using your answers to questions and evidencing documentation provided, our assessors will review different aspects of your health and safety. They may take a look at your policies, training, insurance details, maintenance records, construction phase plans, and your hazardous substance control (COSHH) and asbestos procedures. Your risk assessments and method statements will also play an important role in your assessment. However, our assessors take a pragmatic approach and will take the size and scope of your business into consideration when reviewing your information.

Your assessment will usually be approved within 10 days. Your accreditation will then be displayed on your business profile on the CHAS online portal where it will be visible to over 1,500 CHAS clients. 

To maintain health and safety accreditation, you’ll only need to complete the assessment once per year. After 12 months, you will need to renew your health and safety policies and procedures and complete the assessment with up-to-date answers and evidence. You will always have easy access to your records as a CHAS member — so you can update your documents and your profile at any time. 

The Benefits of Health and Safety Accreditation

Taking our Health and Safety Assessment comes with several benefits. Becoming CHAS accredited will help you implement effective risk management strategies, comply with relevant legislation, and land more work opportunities. You will also unlock the CHAS membership benefits exclusively available to accredited members. 

Prequalify for Exclusive Work Opportunities 

After successfully completing the Health and Safety Assessment, your business profile and your accreditation will be visible to over 1,500 clients. You will prequalify for exclusive work opportunities and with more opportunities at your fingertips, you’ll have the chance to grow your business. 

Streamline the Prequalification Process 

The process of gaining accreditation and prequalifying for projects is made as simple as possible with a single annual audit. CHAS members also have access to training materials and risk management resources that can help them achieve compliance and accreditation. 

CHAS health and safety accreditation is designed to be the only accreditation you need to prequalify for work opportunities. It’s widely recognised and also satisfies the criteria for other SSIP member schemes. If you need to join other SSIP member schemes to prequalify for certain projects, you can do so without needing to sit another assessment. 

CHAS accreditation can also save you time and effort when completing prequalification questionnaires such as the PAS91. Prequalification questionnaires take CHAS certification into account and having completed our Health and Safety Assessment, you may be able to answer a reduced set of questions. 

Demonstrate Your Compliance with the CHAS Logo

Once accredited, you will be entitled to use the CHAS logo on your letterhead and livery. This can help you demonstrate your compliance to a number of people, including clients and employees, and boost your professional standing and reputation. 

Meet Excellent Health and Safety Standards

The process of completing our Health and Safety Assessment will get you thinking about workplace health and safety. The question set is designed to encourage effective risk management policies regarding all aspects of health and safety, from hazardous substance control to manual handling and fire safety in the workplace

To successfully complete the assessment, you will need to have carried out thorough risk assessments and implemented control measures to ensure excellent health and safety standards throughout your business. 

Gain Accreditation through Qualified Assessors

CHAS is the leading health and safety accreditation scheme for contractors in the UK and with our Health and Safety Assessment, you can ensure the welfare of yourself, your business and your workers. 

Our assessment helps you ensure safety risks are reduced and enables you to achieve and demonstrate compliance, reassuring clients, stakeholders and investors of your competence. You will unlock new work opportunities, save time and effort on prequalification processes, and improve your professional standing.

We know every business has unique needs, so we have a range of accreditation packages available. If you’re simply looking to achieve health and safety accreditation, CHAS H&S could be the best option for you. However, if you want to achieve compliance and accreditation across different areas of risk management, you may want to consider one of our more comprehensive packages such as CHAS Premier. 

All of our contractor products and packages include access to the Health and Safety Assessment and a qualified assessor will always review your information. To sign up to become a CHAS contractor, click the button below and choose the accreditation package that best suits your business needs. 

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• Gain certification under the CHAS Common Assessment Standard scheme

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